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Psychological Services

Evidence-based. Skills-focused. Highly collaborative.

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Diagnostic Assessment

We evaluate teen's mental health concerns and help determine what diagnoses may be appropriate. Assessments integrate input from teens, caregivers, and other stakeholders, like teachers. We provide a feedback session and comprehensive report with results and recommendations for next steps.

Youth Counseling

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers a tailored approach to teach teens and young adults strategies to improve they way they think, act, and get along with others. Our main aim is for teens to feel equipped and empowered to cope with life's stressors, feel better, and do more of what they want in their life - both now, and in the future.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy offers the unique opportunity for teens to learn strategies with an added bonus of peer support. Teens feel seen when they can relate to others with similar struggles. Teens are also motivated to try new coping strategies when they see other teens engaged in learning and practicing, too.

Example Areas of Focus


Discomfort with Feelings

E.g., trouble identifying or expressing feelings; difficulty managing emotions or physical sensations in the body.


Poor Relationships

E.g., low support or high conflict in relationships with family, friends, and others, like teachers.


Negative Thinking

E.g., pessimistic ways of viewing oneself, the world, and the future; low self-efficacy to change or face stress


Difficulty Managing Health

E.g., burnout from managing a chronic health condition, forgetting meds, pain or discomfort with treatment.


Avoidance & Isolation

E.g., not doing things that are challenging/uncomfortable; spending more time alone.


Caregiver Support

E.g., parent-only sessions to share concepts and skills that are the target of individual therapy with youth

We utilize evidence-based approaches to target these areas of focus, including:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Interpersonal Psychotherapy | Motivational Interviewing

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